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The “us“ is the plants that I live among and myself; Kathrin Woodlyn Bateman. So far I have chosen to keep this flower essence company quite small in order to prioritize the high quality that is important to me. The “us” now also includes the collaboration of Cyndie Janson Siegel as we work together to realize more fully the potential of these essences.

This line of essences has a reputation of being extremely high quality and of very clear vibration as you can read in the testimonials. There seems to be a grounded quality of heart energy that is often felt as the sensation of being held in safe arms while one is healing with these essences.

I do not teach very often. I enjoy a quiet life and believe that the quality of the essences relies upon me making choices that keep me in a state of balance and personal integrity. I spend quite a lot of time in altered states that are a part of being the healer that I am. If I were to choose a teaching tour that would shift my options and I am concerned that it might change the essences so for now I am choosing to teach rarely.

The good thing for all of you is that I am more available to contact and ask questions of given that there is no large staff, secretaries, workers, etc. You are welcome to email or phone me. I will happily let you know if I have time to answer some questions or share some information. I am also available for private consultations by phone. Read more about this below.

A Bit of My History

People sometimes ask me how I came to this work of flower essences and healing. I knew by age 11 that I would be a healer and use plants. At 11 my conclusion was that I would be an herbalist so I started studying herbal texts. Much of my childhood was spent outside in the wild land near by. I found my solace and security there; opening myself and merging with the plant and tree spirits. Huddled in a deep bed of pine needles to keep away the chill, I spent as much of the year as possible in the wild where I felt safe.

I grew up, married, birthed 2 children, divorced and by age 29 I was farming by myself. I realized how much healing I received each day crouched working among the plants. Plants brushing against me, leaning over my shoulder and nuzzling me opened me to healing energies that seeped into me. Even the days spent driving heavy farm equipment provided experiences of such connection to earth energy that I often felt filled to overflowing. I found myself feeling so blessed and wishing that everyone had this opportunity. Flower essences were the most obvious possibility for sharing.

Farming was a physically brutal way of life. I often worked 16 hour days outside and then bottled essence orders late into the night. I was going past my physical limits and being catapulted into other dimensions in the same way that vision quest deprivations create altered states. After a while I realized that my lifestyle was creating shamanic journeys several times a week. This went on for years and changed me irrevocably. I find myself connected to such a large source of power and wisdom through these experiences.

After years of farming I realized that I was wearing myself away, living off what an acupuncturist might call my “ancestral reserves”....something that can’t continue for very long without the physical body becoming dangerously depleted. I took 22 acres of the farm land and built myself a house farther up the mountain and changed the business name to reflect that move. Now my work load doesn’t include farming.....just the raising of the plants that provide essences and food.

My children are grown and living elsewhere now. I continue to feel very blessed. In 2007 I moved to another piece of land not far from the last lovely home. I now have over 100 acres of wild land with the nearest neighbor more than a mile away. I built a house and essence studio and moved hundreds of plants to the new gardens. We've created ponds for the wildlife and flowers are settling in all around us.

It is my joy to live surrounded by beauty. My goal is to live from my center in each moment; from my truth, and to embody my personal divinity. I feel very lit up by this lovely light. It’s a sweet full sensation that is quite incredible. It is also my task to accept the mantle of power that is my birthright and to wear it with quiet ease.Alongside the divinity that I joyfully embody exists a different side. All of my time spent being one with the natural world has intensified my earthy, innate primality to the point where each moment that I stay in civilization is by choice; moment by moment. There is a unique balance of devic light and primal wildness. It’s an interesting feeling to embody both so strongly at the same time.

This is an amazing lifetime experience. To be so aware of this adventure from the perspective of many lifetimes makes it an epic journey of discovery; the easy and challenging times both.

I offer my gifts through the flower essences that I make and the consultations that I offer. I am honored to bear witness to the journeys that others are engaged in. I bring to my work divine light, compassion and primal strength. It’s what I have to offer. I encourage you to invite flower essences into your life as plant allies in your healing. My essences carry my love, blessings and respect for all peoples and life forms.

In peace, Kathrin

Consultations with Kathrin Woodlyn Bateman

I feel blessed to be able to offer what I have learned to the people who ask for consultations with me. I specialize in supporting those who are committed to their journey to wholeness. I offer compassion, my intuitive gifts and years of intensive study that have helped me understand how we respond to life as children and how that impacts who we are as adults. I am gifted at illuminating the early life journey to clients in ways that feel hopeful and that create a sense of understanding, self-compassion and mastery. The survival strategies that we used as children are often handicaps to owning our sovereignty as adults. It is a delight to loosen our clutches on these obsolete patterns and make sense of the past so that we can move into being more grounded in the present.

My consultation fee has a sliding fee scale from $45 to $95 with you choosing what is appropriate given your financial reality. The fee covers the cost of a custom dosage bottle mailed to you. Most clients feel shifts and relief during and directly after the session and find that the dosage bottle arrives and supports the shifts holding as well as a continued evolution towards wholeness. Phone or email to ask questions or to see if I have openings.

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