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Why does someone choose to do a flower essence consultation with you?

The people who are drawn to work with me are usually individuals who have been working on their own healing for a while and are deeply committed to their growth. They are seeking personal sovereignty and balance in their lives. They often have been impacted by trauma in childhood and are aware that they have adaptive strategies left over from that time that no longer serve them and in fact keep them from creating what they really want in their current life. They may have been on their consultation healing quest for a while and feel the need for new support and tools to make the next breakthrough or they may be just gaining an awareness that they feel handicapped by something internal from the past and are reaching out for help.

How long does a consultation last?

Most consultations last between 1 and 1 1/2 hours although sometimes they are a bit more or less.

What happens during a consultation?

We'll first cover some basic information and then I'll want to know what you would like support for in your life or what challenges you are facing. I'll ask you about your current life and some your history to help me understand where you are at this time.

I'll then share with you about some ways I've discovered to look at and understand how we as humans want to know "how life works" in order to feel safe and how as children we develop strategies that we think will keep us safe and get us what we want and need. We'll talk about how our parents' spoken and unspoken needs impact us. I'll share a number of other models of human response and then we'll gently and lovingly look for how you as a child responded to the life you were born into.

Together we'll talk about responses to any traumatic aspects of your experience and I'll share some ways to shift these responses so that you can move into an awareness of what is happening and then at some point start choosing responses that come from a place that is more sovereign. The whole process is one that embodies soft and compassionate connection and support. I feel blessed to do this work, to witness the beauty of each soul who comes to me.

At the end of the consultation I might recommend an activity or two that you might engage in to support your journey of knowing. These are ideas from my experience of this work and I also trust your intuition if you believe you have ideas that may work better for you.

What should I expect after a consultation?

Many people experience a profound shift from the consultation, even before receiving and using the flower essence that is sent to support the work. There is often a sense of calmness, groundedness and relief. Many people experience an altered state and connection with their divinity during the consultation and this may linger. There is a sense of having been fully "seen" during the session and this has a potent impact that has long-lasting ramifications.

Many people feel as if they are in an incubator during the time period we are working together, as if they are being held in a cloud of divine love and safety. This feeling usually lingers. There is the sense of being solidly engaged in life and having new understanding about their life. There is a sense of earnest pursuit of wholeness and sometimes the feeling of being newly born and returned to your essential self state.

What if I have questions after our session?

I always recommend that you call me if you have questions. If I am not available when you call I will do my best to return your call within 24 hours. I do not charge for a call with questions or a call with a need for support. If it seems that what is most needed is a more lengthy discussion I will suggest a short session and may be able to do that in the moment or schedule a time in the immediate future.

How often do people schedule appointments with you?

Some people have one appointment and, other than a few dosage bottle refills, are more likely to take over their healing with the ongoing support of flower essences and other modalities. Some people choose to do a number of sessions usually spread out to every other month or so and then taper off. Some choose to do monthly sessions for a while and then are done although I am always happy to get updates when they call or e-mail in a flower essence order. Doing this work together creates an alive sense of connection and I am always happy to hear from a past client who chooses to contact me.

Some people choose a more ongoing schedule of appointments because of a lack of support from other sources or because they find working with me to be more profound and deeply satisfying than their other options.

How much does a consultation cost?

I use a sliding fee scale and it is a rather a broad one in order to make my work as available to as many people as possible. Sessions last 1 to 1 1/2 hours and the cost $65.00 - $110.00 per session includes a dosage bottle mailed to you if you live within the United States. Actual shipping cost will be an added charge to those who live outside of this country.

If you want another dosage bottle of the same formula the cost is $10 plus shipping. If we do a quick check-in and I reformulate a new bottle the charge is $20 plus shipping. If you'd like a half session along with a new dosage bottle the cost would be half the usual session price and $10 plus shipping for the new dosage bottle. (Half sessions are only available to those who have done a full-length session within the past year.)

Once a session is scheduled I have put aside that time for you and if a consultation is canceled less than 24 hours before the session and not rescheduled you will be charged for the session unless it is for a reason beyond your control that we both consider an emergency.

If a consultation is cancelled less than 24 hours before the session and not rescheduled there will be a partial charge.