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Int'l Distributors

beautiful flower

Although it is possible to order from us from anywhere in the world, the following countries have local distributors who are happy to help.

Other wonderful people who sell our Essences...


Bloesem Remedies Nederland
Contact: Bram & Miep Zaalberg
St. Jansstraat 3
5964 AA Horst, Netherlands
Tel: +31 773 987826
Fax: +31 773 987827
Email: Bloesem@Worldonline.nl
Website http://www.bloesem-remedies.com


St Berthold Apotheke
St Berthold Allee 23
4451 Garsten
Tel: +43 7252 53131
Fax: +43 7252 531316
Email: buchhaltung@berthold-apotheke.at
Website: berthold-apotheke.at
Mostly selling my remedies for childbirth and children


Norma Puppi Gandelhman
Av. Min. Gabriel de Rizende Passos 555 - Apts. 63
04521-022 Sau Paulo, S. P. Brazil
Fax: +11-5052-1885