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Dosage Bottle Line

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Coupon Codes Dosage Bottle Line
Dosage6  Purchase 6-11 Dosage Bottles for $8.75 each
Dosage12 Purchase 12+ Dsoage Bottles for $10.00 each

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 A new line of dosage bottle essences was launched a few years ago. I hope you enjoy looking at the labels as much as I enjoyed designing them. This line is full of perfect presents for ourselves, clients, friends and relatives.... even those who are not familiar with flower essences. In fact these essences are a wonderful introduction to essences for those unfamiliar with them. These dosage bottles are great as gifts, as items in gift baskets and as stocking stuffer and party favors. People seem to find their favorites and choose to keep them around for easy use at home and work. A full color leaflet goes along with them and do request more than one copy of the leaflet if you are buying for more than one person.

These essences are ready-to-use dosage bottles bottled in deep violet Miron glass for ultimate quality and protection. More detailed descriptions are available in the combination essence section of this catalog. Beautiful full color purple labels make these verybeautiful gifts to ourselves or others.

If you'd like to have a Custom Dosage Bottle prepared for you using the essences of your choice, please go to our Custom Dosage Bottle page.


  • Alert & Alive Dosage
    $9.00 Alert & Alive Dosage
    Alert and Alive This essence is for whenever one is drowsy at inconvenient times. Helpful for driving, long days, and situations when one has trouble staying present. Use for a particular occasion or for a longer time...

  • Creative Flow Dosage
    $9.00 Creative Flow Dosage
    Creative Flow An essence combination useful for all creative processes; artistic, literary, and even creative decision-making. Helps dissolve blocks and keep you in touch with your divine inspirations. Also helps you keep...

  • Emergency Relief Dosage
    $9.00 Emergency Relief Dosage
    Emergency Relief This essence has a strong, deeply resonating vibration and is used for severe crisis. It will work powerfully to heal the trauma on all levels, support emotional balance, awaken the body’s own healing...

  • Exaltation of Flowers Dosage
    $9.00 Exaltation of Flowers Dosage
    Exaltation of Flowers Feel the exhilaration of being alive and joyous. Enjoy a balanced vitality. This is my famous combination essence which incorporates 56 essences and produces an inner clarity, centered balance,...

  • Grieving Dosage
    $9.00 Grieving Dosage
    Grieving This is an essence for those facing loss in their life. It addresses all type of loss; loss from death; the loss of a relationship, the loss of a dream; and the lost chance to be a child due to a dysfunctional...

  • Life's Transitions Dosage
    $9.00 Life's Transitions Dosage
    Life's Transitions -  also known as Interesting Times. This is a timely combination for these years. As we start to experience a shift in human and planetary consciousness much of what is familiar and safe feeling is...

  • Motivation Dosage
    $9.00 Motivation Dosage
    Motivation This essence combination makes you actually want to tackle that project you’ve been putting off. Helps you focus on the project and do it efficiently. Please note - if you take it and sit down in front of a...

  • Relaxation Dosage
    $9.00 Relaxation Dosage
    Relaxation For jangling nerves stretched to the limit. For those who feel frazzled, emotionally taut, and out of control. For times when too many words are running through the mind in hobnailed boots. (Chamomile,...

  • Restful Sleep Dosage
    $9.00 Restful Sleep Dosage
    Restful Sleep This is a wonderful sleep essence for those who experience tension and mental stress that keeps them from getting the restful sleep they need. Carrying the warm enveloping energies of Crested Iris, this...

  • Safe Boundaries Dosage
    $9.00 Safe Boundaries Dosage
    Safe Boundaries  This combination is a master healer of the auric shield. It brings protection from energies and emotions that inappropriately invade your personal boundaries. This often will test positive for...

  • Vital Balance Dosage
    $9.00 Vital Balance Dosage
    Vital Balance This combination works on a lot of levels, nurturing and protecting your auric shield, bringing clarity and sharpness to the soul’s vibration, fostering the connection between oneself and the vital earth...

  • Worthiness Dosage
    $9.00 Worthiness Dosage
    Worthiness This is an essence from the Inner Child Kit that encourages healthy self esteem, balance, and a sense of one’s worth. Usually an issue with deep roots in the childhood this essence is for both children and...