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Questions About Flower Essences


Flower essences are potentized liquid remedies containing the etheric healing patterns of flowers. They are preserved with brandy (or for those with alcohol sensitivities, they may be specially ordered in alternative preservative), and taken orally a few drops at a time.


All native cultures developed processes that utilized the healing energies of flowers. Some herbal uses of flowers remain but the most common vestige of their use is the tradition of giving bouquets of flowers to those who are ill or suffering bereavement. The Swiss doctor/ alchemist Paracelsus experimented in the sixteenth century with the properties of the dew on flowers. Doctor Edward Bach, considered to be the founder of flower essences as we know them today, created a system of 38 remedies that has remained unchanged for over 50 years. They are still widely used and are certainly the most familiar line of essences. As we move into the twenty-first century, flower essence therapy continues to develop in response to evolving needs and concerns. Today, vital flower essences are made by companies around the world


Flower essences seem to subtly realign our emotional, mental and spiritual selves to prevent or treat imbalances. They are gentle yet powerful catalysts for healing our whole self. Flower essences can empower the self to become an integral part of the healing process. They are used to repair trauma, change obsolete patterns, balance energies and moods on all levels, and connect us to our intuitive wisdom, our inner resources, and the energies of the natural world. People experience the effects of essences in a myriad of ways. Some notice an indescribable change in their reactions to issues in their lives. Some notice emotional or other blocks dissolving away, and some people feel an immediate shift in their energy.


You may wish to spend a moment thinking about what areas of your life you feel the need to bring healing energy into. There may be particular issues that you are facing in your journey of healing. When you read the descriptions of the essences you will probably find some that immediately attract you. Some people use a pendulum to help them with their selection. You may also use the following method of muscle-testing in which the body is used as a dowsing rod. Clasp a bottle of essence in both hands and hold it against your solar plexus as you stand straight with your eyes closed. (Having your eyes closed merely helps you feel the shift in your balance more clearly and helps prevent distraction.) Ask yourself if that particular essence will be helpful for you. If you feel a forward movement of your body, that indicates a “yes”. If you stay still or are repelled backwards, that indicates a “no”. If you test positive for several essences, you may test their compatibility with each other by holding them all in your hands and testing again. When you start getting unclear answers it means you need to take a break and come back to it later.


Individuals with alcohol sensitivities may take essences in dosage bottles prepared with vegetable glycerin or vinegar as a preservative. Some people choose to use 2-4 drops from a stock bottle diluted in a glass of water to make the alcohol content negligible. There is also the option of special ordering the stock bottle in an alternative preservative of white or cider vinegar.


Here are a few words about making dosage bottles of flower essences. First a short lesson on terms. An essence is first bottled as what is called “Mother Essence”. Stock bottles are a dilution of that and are the strength normally sold in stores with the exception of when companies also sell prepared dosage bottles. Some people prefer to take essences directly from the stock bottles. Some prefer to make dosage bottles.

The pros about making dosage bottles are 1) that you do not have to open each chosen stock bottle 4 times a day, 2) that your stock bottles will last longer since only 4-7 drops of stock essence are required for a dosage bottle that will often last 3-4 weeks, and 3) that you can lessen the amount of preservative required since it only needs to preserve the bottle for 4 weeks instead of decades, and 4) that you can use a different preservative that better suits your needs or taste preferen ces.

The pros about using essences directly from stock bottles are 1) that you can easily use them without going through the process of making the dosage bottle, 2) that you can change your formula daily if you like without having to re-make your dosage bottle over and over, 3) that you can use them at a moments notice to shift a mood or heal a trauma.

To make a dosage bottle:

Using an empty one ounce glass dropper bottle, add your choice from the preservatives listed:

1 Tablespoon of Brandy, Vegetable Glycerin, Cider Vinegar, or White Vinegar or 3 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Add water to the bottle until there is just enough room for the drops of stock essences.

Add 4-7 drops of each stock flower essence chosen

Put the dropper assembly on and shake gently. Label with the date and essences included.

People for whom all of the preservative options above are not possible may refrigerate the dosage bottle.