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Flower Essences

All of our stock (concentrate) Flower Essences are preserved in brandy and sold in 1/2 ounce (15 ml) Miron violet glass bottles.

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Flowers12 Purchase 12-19 Flower Essences for $12.00 each
Flowers20 Purchase 20 +  Flower Essences for $10.50 each
  • Rose Red Climber
    $13.00 Rose Red Climber
    Rose Red Climber  Rosa  (Red) Passionate Kisses.  This flower essence works on releasing powerful pheromones in our brain as kissing does.  Kissing is not only fun, sensuous but healthy for us.  The...

  • Rose Roseraie de L'Hay
    $13.00 Rose Roseraie de L'Hay
    Rose "Roseraie de L'Hay" "Rosa rugosa "Roseraie de L'Hay" (Purple-ish red) Thrives on being alive. For those who lack enthusiasm in life. This essence brings renewed hope and enthusiasm while paving the way for new sources...

  • Rose Sarah Van Fleet
    $13.00 Rose Sarah Van Fleet
    Rose - Sarah Van Fleet Rosa "Sarah Van Fleet" (pink) Walking lightly and gently on the earth. Pink toes, pink feet being able to really feel and sense the ground's energies and appreciate its gifts. Receptive to earth...

  • Rose Yellow Heirloom
    $13.00 Rose Yellow Heirloom
    Rose - Yellow Heirloom Rosa heirloom (yellow) Great for negotiating and conflict resolution. Brings the heads and hearts together to create common understanding and resolve. Useful in situations that need positive resolution...

  • Rosemary
    $13.00 Rosemary
    Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalus (violet) The Peace Flower Essence. When one feels one is struggling or fighting an inner battle or "at war" with their world, PLEASE take this Flower Essence! The only true conflict...

  • Rue
    $13.00 Rue
    Rue Ruta graveolens (yellow) Connection to fairy realm. Acceptance, love, joy, strength, and wisdom all in balance within and connection to divine self from this place. Oneness. (research)

  • Safe Boundaries Dosage
    $9.00 Safe Boundaries Dosage
    Safe Boundaries  This combination is a master healer of the auric shield. It brings protection from energies and emotions that inappropriately invade your personal boundaries. This often will test positive for...

  • Sage
    $13.00 Sage
    Sage Salvia officinalis (purple) Open to new possibilities in and out of our worlds. Knowing there is "a" and "our" connection to EVERYTHING. Beyond our vision there is much more to be learned via additional senses we have...

  • Saint John’s Wort
    $13.00 Saint John’s Wort
    Saint John’s Wort Hypericum perforatum (yellow) Harmonious Expression: Spiritual expansivenss without losing centeredness or groundedness. Feeling divine light/energy while staying present here on earth...

  • Salvia
    $13.00 Salvia
    Salvia Salvia superba (Purple) Soul connection.  Making that profound connection with another that brings about great well being and love.  With the soul connection comes wisdom, knowledge and union...

  • Scallion
    $13.00 Scallion
    Scallion Allium cepa (white) Creativity, light, upward movement of energy. Divine creation. Good for artist and for mothers (during nursing and before conception) Relates to color.  (research)

  • Scarlet Pimpernel
    $13.00 Scarlet Pimpernel
    Scarlet Pimpernel Anagallis arvensis (peach pink) Harmonious Expression: Balanced Crown, Heart, and Pituitary Chakras. The ability to be wise and loving, centered. Inharmonious Expression: Problems with opening to the world...

  • Scarlet Runner Bean
    $13.00 Scarlet Runner Bean
    Scarlet Runner Bean Phaseolus coccineus (red) Following your heart. Following what makes you truly happy. Anything other than being truly happy, you are not following your heart. For those who "think" they are following...

  • Scented Cranesbill
    $13.00 Scented Cranesbill
    Scented Cranesbill Geranium macrorrhizum (Soft Magenta) Feeling safe and loved in this world, especially with what's happening in our world. For those who become fearful watching the news or hearing bad news - they also...

  • Scrub Violet
    $13.00 Scrub Violet
    Scrub Violet Viola sp. (lavender purple) Makes one the see beauty even in the dullest of situations. The ground in oneself is always fertile and it is up to us to care for our gardens; in life, in the world, in heaven. When...

  • Self Heal
    $13.00 Self Heal
    Self Heal Prunella vulgaris (purple) Harmonious Expression: Feeling fully connected to one’s own well¬spring of health and vitality. Knowing that healing comes from within and that we all have the ability to heal...

  • Shasta Daisy
    $13.00 Shasta Daisy
    Shasta Daisy Chrysanthemum maximum (white/yellow center) Harmonious Expression: Finding it easy to integrate many diverse ideas or details into a “whole” picture. Inharmonious...

  • Shooting Star
    $13.00 Shooting Star
    Shooting Star Dodecatheon meadia (deep pink) "So as it is in heaven, it is on earth." Brings illumination of what is happening on heaven to earth. We create too much of a separation between heaven and earth - source with...

  • Siberian Iris
    $13.00 Siberian Iris
    Siberian Iris Iris sibirica (purple) Be smart, be wise, learn more, be passionate about learning and life. Intrigue and curiosity are so pure and obvious in little children. Somewhere along the way, we are taught that being...

  • Snap Pea
    $13.00 Snap Pea
    Snap Pea Pisum sativum (white) Cell regeneration and duplication. Connects with up to 5 generations back on the cellular level. Giving birth to new selves with each generation being stronger and healthier. Balances out both...

  • Snapdragon  (Pink)
    $13.00 Snapdragon (Pink)
    Snapdragon - Pink Antirrhinum majus (pink) For discomfort in jaw and mouth and for when there is the urge to miss-use the tense energy there. Lack of verbal affection.

  • Snapdragon  (Red)
    $13.00 Snapdragon (Red)
    Snapdragon - Red Antirrhinum majus (red) For tension in the mouth and jaw up to grinding teeth, biting, verbal attack. For verbally abusive tendencies. For anger that gets caught in the jaw and mouth structures.

  • Snapdragon  (Yellow)
    $13.00 Snapdragon (Yellow)
    Snapdragon - Yellow Antirrhinum majus (yellow) I use for physical discomfort in jaw areas. For those who use manipulation with their beliefs to achieve rightiousness. When overly cerebral types exude and manipulate...

  • Snow Queen Iris
    $13.00 Snow Queen Iris
    Snow Queen Iris Iris sibirica (white) Harmonious Expression: An abundance of happiness and love that pervades all of life. The ability to express one’s divine grace in the day to day concerns of life...

  • Spiderwort
    $13.00 Spiderwort
    Spiderwort Tradescantia x andersoniana (white with blue) Harmonious Expression: Having the ability to create patterns of change, moving towards one’s destiny. Having a healthy perspective about life, not letting small...

  • Spring Beauty
    $13.00 Spring Beauty
    Spring Beauty Claytonia virginica (white/pink) Happiness, joy, warmth, opening. Useful for transitions, blossoming faith and transcendence, moving past adversity into the new, utilizing one¹s full potential. (research)

  • Squash  (Summer)
    $13.00 Squash (Summer)
    Summer Squash - Summer Cucurbita sp. (yellow) Gender identity and acknowledging our dual sexuality with reverence. Use when feeling extreme emotions such as over weakness or coming on to strong. Use in sexual abuse cases and...

  • Star Chickweed
    $13.00 Star Chickweed
    Star Chickweed Stellaria pubera (white) Harmonious Expression: Embodying tolerance, compassion and divinity. Being a person of light and sharing that light with all whom you come in contact with. Inharmonious...

  • Stewartia
    $13.00 Stewartia
    Stewartia  Stewartia sinensis (white)

  • Strawberry
    $13.00 Strawberry
    Strawberry Fragaria Ananassa ((white) Mid-life Puberty, nibbles - ripeness of one's virility. Acne. Embracing and re-embracing one's ripeness in life. Good for those past menopause, not feeling fruitful. Brings pure ripe joy...

  • Student Support Trio
    $39.00 Student Support Trio
    Student Support Trio – for students working hard.  It helps to focus them, helps with information integration and the stresses of being a student.   Learning Delight, Motivation and Thriving flower...

  • Summer Solstice
    $13.00 Summer Solstice
    Summer Solstice -  This essence was made on the say of Summer Solstice using 63 different varieties that were flowering in the gardens of the farm. It is one of the strongest essences that I have ever put my hands near...

  • Sunflower
    $13.00 Sunflower
    Sunflower Helianthemum annuus (yellow/brown center) Harmonious Expression: Balanced and healthy sense of self and personal power. Comfort with being one’s self in the world. Inharmonious...

  • Swamp Honeysuckle
    $13.00 Swamp Honeysuckle
    Swamp Honeysuckle Azalea viscosa rosea (pink) The Sweet Day essence. “I enjoy the journeys of my emotions.” The downs make me appreciate the highs. When I experience a lower feeling and move to a higher feeling I...

  • Sweet Clover
    $13.00 Sweet Clover
    Sweet Clover Melilotus officinalis (yellow) Golden thoughts, golden light, being able to create magnificence. Magic wand, magical dreaming, manifestation of one's treasures. Manifest, create grandly. Ask big and receive big...

  • Sweet Day
    $13.00 Sweet Day
    Sweet Day -  Taking this Flower Essence is like having someone strew rose petals before your every step. This Flower Essence consists of only one flower essence but it deserves it’s own name. Everyone who has...

  • Sweet Pea
    $13.00 Sweet Pea
    Sweet Pea Lathyrus odorata (mixed colors of pink and purple) Harmonious Expression: Feeling cradled in the Universe. Feeling a sense of community. Feeling easy connection to toher people, spirit and...

  • Sweet Sleep
    $13.00 Sweet Sleep
    Sweet Sleep -  This essence was developed for adopted children originally but has proved very helpful for anyone with these issues no matter of age. Bed and sleep time can be frightening and lonely times. Fears, bad...

  • Tamarisk
    $13.00 Tamarisk
    Tamarisk Tamarix ramosissima (pink) This essence is for those who take things too personally, don't feel protected or supported and feel they are in survival much the time. When we get past those limiting emotions and...

  • Tansy
    $13.00 Tansy
    Tansy Tanacetum vulgare (yellow) Too much information!  For those who share too much information, need too much information.  By doing so,  they slow down the decision process and stop the flow of...

  • Thistle
    $13.00 Thistle
    Thistle Cirsium vulgare (purple) For those with highly sensitive spiritual talents and feel they must be very guarded about their talents. This spills over into their life. Don't get too close to me - danger - warning - stay...

  • Thistle (Blessed)
    $13.00 Thistle (Blessed)
    Thistle, Blessed Cnicus benedictus (purple) Giving and receiving with a sense of generosity and expansion. When one is well nurtured and cared for all levels run and operate in harmony. When there is a lack of...

  • Thriving
    $13.00 Thriving
    Thriving -  This essence is wonderful for anyone and healers will especially appreciate it. It stops energy theft, supports our strength and helps us “hold” our balance during times of depletion. Helps to...

  • Thyme
    $13.00 Thyme
    Thyme Thymus citriodorus argentea (lavender) Thyme helps to heighten our senses to be more receptive to the information that that surrounds us and could improve our choices and responses to life. Over times these higher...

  • Tiger Lily  (Orange)
    $13.00 Tiger Lily (Orange)
    Tiger Lily - Orange Lilium humboldtii (orange/black spots) I am perfection because of my flaws. My flaws I am confident and proud. I am the King of the Lilies because I am the boldest and loudest. I want to be...

  • Tiger Lily  (Yellow)
    $13.00 Tiger Lily (Yellow)
    Tiger Lily - Yellow Lillium tigrinum (yellow) I know, but do not fully understand. Brings true wisdom and understanding to information we've been given or seek. This essence helps us to connect the dots and truly...

  • Tiger Lily (Pink)
    $13.00 Tiger Lily (Pink)
    Tiger Lily - Pink Lillium tigrinum (pink) This essences personifies infinite welcoming in our lives. Here we experience the threshold of walking into a space filled with welcoming smiles, arms and greetings. Great...

  • Tomato
    $13.00 Tomato
    Tomato Lycopersicon lycopersicon (yellow) Harmonious Expression: Easy flow of energy in the body; physical, emotioinal and mental. Inharmonious Expression: Feeling stagnation and the need for cleans¬ing. Feeling blocked in...

  • Trauma Kit
    $55.00 Trauma Kit
    This set of five essences are combinations dealing with trauma and shock due to injury, sudden change, or other adverse, challenging situations. As with all of our kits, each essence is available separately to use on...

  • Trauma Relief
    $13.00 Trauma Relief
    TRAUMA RELIEF for pre- or post-birth trauma. To heal wounds from current or past lifetimes. If trauma is suspected or known, this essence combination may be used for 28 days, or longer if needed. (St. Johns Wort, Borage,...