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Individual Essences

All of our stock (concentrate) Flower Essences are preserved in brandy and sold in 1/2 ounce (15 ml) Miron violet glass bottles.

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  • Ragged Robin
    $13.00 Ragged Robin
    Ragged Robin Lychnis flos-cuculi (soft pink w/ fringed petals) Calms frazzled nerves, takes the edge off. Especially around issues of the heart and strained relationships. Creates softening to allow one's heart to remain...

  • Rattlesnake Plantain
    $13.00 Rattlesnake Plantain
    Rattlesnake Plantain Goodyera repens var. ophioides (white) Leads you into a seated and rooted in nature state. Graceful emergence into life. Healthy maturation and enjoying each phase of development. Good for Mothers who...

  • Red Bee Balm
    $13.00 Red Bee Balm
    Red Bee Balm Monarda didyma (red) Works with all types of inflammation and aggrevation. Inflammation is overly yang energy and it's yin properties stimulates increased energy patterns. Also stimulates under...

  • Red Clover
    $13.00 Red Clover
    Red Clover Tripfolium pratense (pink)  Independent thought, independent concentrated energy, similar to a "power packet" available when not feeling the strength of one's independence and empowerment. Energy...

  • Red Hollyhock
    $13.00 Red Hollyhock
    Red Hollyhock Alcea rosea (red) Joy, Optimism, Depression, Present, Humor, Faith, Hope Harmonious expression: Being fully present with joy in whatever one is doing. Faith and hope in life; lots of optimism...

  • Rhododendron  (Red)
    $13.00 Rhododendron (Red)
    Rhododendron - Red Rhododendron (red) Brings full awareness and presence to self. Essence is rooted in the thought of bringing action into fulfillment of one's awareness to "all that is" and how one exists in "all...

  • Rhubarb
    $13.00 Rhubarb
    Rhubarb Rheum rhubarbarum (white) Grounding and centering. Takes one out of "ego" identity and into core self and enlightenment stream. Humbling. Open-mindedness, non-judgmental and open...

  • Rock Rose
    $13.00 Rock Rose
    Rock Rose Helianthemum nummularium (white) Unruffled stamina and foundation. For those who too easily get thrown off by what most would consider mild incidents. Helps one to weather the storms in life and not be thrown off...

  • Rose Abraham D'Arby
    $13.00 Rose Abraham D'Arby
    Rose" Abraham D'Arby" Rosa "Abraham D'Arby" (peach) Bubbling laughter and lightness. This essence playfully shouts "Oh for your goodness sake, lighten up! Lightens heart and chest energy and makes one feel fuller in posture,...

  • Rose Belle Story
    $13.00 Rose Belle Story
    Rose Belle Story I am for the assimilation of spiritual experience. I am the essence that one takes to synthesize these experiences into deep-rooted change...

  • Rose Bonica
    $13.00 Rose Bonica
    Rose – “Bonica” Rosa "Bonica" (pink) Connecting with higher chakra - this is where the antenna can receive the information and connection they feel that they have been so lacking in their lives. Here they...

  • Rose Butterfly
    $13.00 Rose Butterfly
    Rose – “Butterfly” Rosa mutabilis (yellow to pink to red) Being present at all time. I'm here one moment and gone the next. For those who find it hard to stay in one place too long. Helps one to remain...

  • Rose Campion
    $13.00 Rose Campion
    Rose Campion Lychnis coronaria (fuchsia) Trauma, Shattered, Heart, Heart Chakra, Root Chakra, Release Harmonious expression:: A sense of centeredness and a free flowing of heart energy. The ability to release deep emotions...

  • Rose Cerise Bouquet
    $13.00 Rose Cerise Bouquet
    Rose – “Cerise Bouquet” Rosa "Cerise Bouquet" (cerise ) Deepening of love energy. Being fully open to the fullness of true love with all it's ups and downs. Good for those who feel they are too heavy...

  • Rose English Elegance
    $13.00 Rose English Elegance
    Rose – “English Elegance” Rose "English Elegance" (peach and pink) Invites soft gentle love into relationships. This essences "folds" you into it's arms revealing sweet calm loving. No drama here. Returns...

  • Rose Fruhlingsmorgen "Spring Morning"
    $13.00 Rose Fruhlingsmorgen "Spring Morning"
    Rose – “Fruhlingsmorgen” ("Spring Morning") Rosa "Fruhlingsmorgen" (pink) Great expectations for the day. I look forward to all that life will bring me today. Great for those with low expectations...

  • Rose Gertrude Jekyll
    $13.00 Rose Gertrude Jekyll
    Rose –" Gertrude Jekyll "Rosa "Gertrude Jekyll" (pink) Integrating ways to expansion. Finding new ways to open pathways to receive new information. Helps translate information on the cellular level. Teaches one to...

  • Rose Konigin Von Danemark
    $13.00 Rose Konigin Von Danemark
    Rose “Konigin Von Danemark” Rosa "Konigin Von Danemark" (light pink) This essences wraps you in its arms filled with reassurance and love. For those who lack physical affection, do not give physical affection or...

  • Rose Madame Legras de St. Germain
    $13.00 Rose Madame Legras de St. Germain
    Rose – “Madame Legras de St. Germain” Rosa "Madame Legras de St..Germain" (white, faintly blushed) Mental clearing essence. Empties the cluttered mind - brings clarity and space for fresh energy to enter...

  • Rose Pink Heirloom
    $13.00 Rose Pink Heirloom
    Rose - Pink Heirloom Rosa heirloom (pink) Ancestral love and appreciation for who we are right down to the genetic code in our DNA. Reflective of the disfunctional patterns in our family tree we stir up opposing energies...

  • Rose Polyantha Rose
    $13.00 Rose Polyantha Rose
    Rose - Polyantha Rose Rosa polyantha (pale pink) When there is love - more love comes. The Rose Polyantha reverberates and magnifies the heart. The Love Bug Flower Essence, the Cupid, the Love Messenger. You can hide, but...

  • Rose Red Climber
    $13.00 Rose Red Climber
    Rose Red Climber  Rosa  (Red) Passionate Kisses.  This flower essence works on releasing powerful pheromones in our brain as kissing does.  Kissing is not only fun, sensuous but healthy for us.  The...

  • Rose Roseraie de L'Hay
    $13.00 Rose Roseraie de L'Hay
    Rose "Roseraie de L'Hay" "Rosa rugosa "Roseraie de L'Hay" (Purple-ish red) Thrives on being alive. For those who lack enthusiasm in life. This essence brings renewed hope and enthusiasm while paving the way for new sources...

  • Rose Sarah Van Fleet
    $13.00 Rose Sarah Van Fleet
    Rose - Sarah Van Fleet Rosa "Sarah Van Fleet" (pink) Walking lightly and gently on the earth. Pink toes, pink feet being able to really feel and sense the ground's energies and appreciate its gifts. Receptive to earth...

  • Rose Yellow Heirloom
    $13.00 Rose Yellow Heirloom
    Rose - Yellow Heirloom Rosa heirloom (yellow) Great for negotiating and conflict resolution. Brings the heads and hearts together to create common understanding and resolve. Useful in situations that need positive resolution...

  • Rosemary
    $13.00 Rosemary
    Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalus (violet) The Peace Flower Essence. When one feels one is struggling or fighting an inner battle or "at war" with their world, PLEASE take this Flower Essence! The only true conflict...

  • Rue
    $13.00 Rue
    Rue Ruta graveolens (yellow) Connection to fairy realm. Acceptance, love, joy, strength, and wisdom all in balance within and connection to divine self from this place. Oneness. (research)

  • Sage
    $13.00 Sage
    Sage Salvia officinalis (purple) Open to new possibilities in and out of our worlds. Knowing there is "a" and "our" connection to EVERYTHING. Beyond our vision there is much more to be learned via additional senses we have...

  • Saint John’s Wort
    $13.00 Saint John’s Wort
    Saint John’s Wort Hypericum perforatum (yellow) Harmonious Expression: Spiritual expansivenss without losing centeredness or groundedness. Feeling divine light/energy while staying present here on earth...

  • Salvia
    $13.00 Salvia
    Salvia Salvia superba (Purple) Soul connection.  Making that profound connection with another that brings about great well being and love.  With the soul connection comes wisdom, knowledge and union...

  • Scallion
    $13.00 Scallion
    Scallion Allium cepa (white) Creativity, light, upward movement of energy. Divine creation. Good for artist and for mothers (during nursing and before conception) Relates to color.  (research)

  • Scarlet Pimpernel
    $13.00 Scarlet Pimpernel
    Scarlet Pimpernel Anagallis arvensis (peach pink) Harmonious Expression: Balanced Crown, Heart, and Pituitary Chakras. The ability to be wise and loving, centered. Inharmonious Expression: Problems with opening to the world...

  • Scarlet Runner Bean
    $13.00 Scarlet Runner Bean
    Scarlet Runner Bean Phaseolus coccineus (red) Following your heart. Following what makes you truly happy. Anything other than being truly happy, you are not following your heart. For those who "think" they are following...

  • Scented Cranesbill
    $13.00 Scented Cranesbill
    Scented Cranesbill Geranium macrorrhizum (Soft Magenta) Feeling safe and loved in this world, especially with what's happening in our world. For those who become fearful watching the news or hearing bad news - they also...

  • Scrub Violet
    $13.00 Scrub Violet
    Scrub Violet Viola sp. (lavender purple) Makes one the see beauty even in the dullest of situations. The ground in oneself is always fertile and it is up to us to care for our gardens; in life, in the world, in heaven. When...

  • Self Heal
    $13.00 Self Heal
    Self Heal Prunella vulgaris (purple) Harmonious Expression: Feeling fully connected to one’s own well¬spring of health and vitality. Knowing that healing comes from within and that we all have the ability to heal...

  • Shasta Daisy
    $13.00 Shasta Daisy
    Shasta Daisy Chrysanthemum maximum (white/yellow center) Harmonious Expression: Finding it easy to integrate many diverse ideas or details into a “whole” picture. Inharmonious...

  • Shooting Star
    $13.00 Shooting Star
    Shooting Star Dodecatheon meadia (deep pink) "So as it is in heaven, it is on earth." Brings illumination of what is happening on heaven to earth. We create too much of a separation between heaven and earth - source with...

  • Siberian Iris
    $13.00 Siberian Iris
    Siberian Iris Iris sibirica (purple) Be smart, be wise, learn more, be passionate about learning and life. Intrigue and curiosity are so pure and obvious in little children. Somewhere along the way, we are taught that being...

  • Snap Pea
    $13.00 Snap Pea
    Snap Pea Pisum sativum (white) Cell regeneration and duplication. Connects with up to 5 generations back on the cellular level. Giving birth to new selves with each generation being stronger and healthier. Balances out both...

  • Snapdragon  (Pink)
    $13.00 Snapdragon (Pink)
    Snapdragon - Pink Antirrhinum majus (pink) For discomfort in jaw and mouth and for when there is the urge to miss-use the tense energy there. Lack of verbal affection.

  • Snapdragon  (Red)
    $13.00 Snapdragon (Red)
    Snapdragon - Red Antirrhinum majus (red) For tension in the mouth and jaw up to grinding teeth, biting, verbal attack. For verbally abusive tendencies. For anger that gets caught in the jaw and mouth structures.

  • Snapdragon  (Yellow)
    $13.00 Snapdragon (Yellow)
    Snapdragon - Yellow Antirrhinum majus (yellow) I use for physical discomfort in jaw areas. For those who use manipulation with their beliefs to achieve rightiousness. When overly cerebral types exude and manipulate...

  • Snow Queen Iris
    $13.00 Snow Queen Iris
    Snow Queen Iris Iris sibirica (white) Harmonious Expression: An abundance of happiness and love that pervades all of life. The ability to express one’s divine grace in the day to day concerns of life...

  • Spiderwort
    $13.00 Spiderwort
    Spiderwort Tradescantia x andersoniana (white with blue) Harmonious Expression: Having the ability to create patterns of change, moving towards one’s destiny. Having a healthy perspective about life, not letting small...

  • Spring Beauty
    $13.00 Spring Beauty
    Spring Beauty Claytonia virginica (white/pink) Happiness, joy, warmth, opening. Useful for transitions, blossoming faith and transcendence, moving past adversity into the new, utilizing one¹s full potential. (research)

  • Squash  (Summer)
    $13.00 Squash (Summer)
    Summer Squash - Summer Cucurbita sp. (yellow) Gender identity and acknowledging our dual sexuality with reverence. Use when feeling extreme emotions such as over weakness or coming on to strong. Use in sexual abuse cases and...

  • Star Chickweed
    $13.00 Star Chickweed
    Star Chickweed Stellaria pubera (white) Harmonious Expression: Embodying tolerance, compassion and divinity. Being a person of light and sharing that light with all whom you come in contact with. Inharmonious...

  • Stewartia
    $13.00 Stewartia
    Stewartia  Stewartia sinensis (white)

  • Strawberry
    $13.00 Strawberry
    Strawberry Fragaria Ananassa ((white) Mid-life Puberty, nibbles - ripeness of one's virility. Acne. Embracing and re-embracing one's ripeness in life. Good for those past menopause, not feeling fruitful. Brings pure ripe joy...