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Our Newsletter


Winter is a busy time for me although not as busy as some parts of the growing season. I was out yesterday morning working in the woods with a friend of mine who came by to lend assistance. We worked on cleaning up some trails in my wooded acres for access to plant colonies that I intend to establish and also as a place to ride my Icelandic horses. I finally have replaced my old camera and perhaps I'll post a few photos of the horses someday. They are beautiful creatures and so different than many horses since they are raised with a lot of wild time in Iceland and develop a clear sense of self before they are trained. Such intelligence....and so much fuzz right now as they run around in their winter coats!

I hope that you'll enjoy looking at the new dosage bottle line that came out this winter. I finally have beautiful wooden display cases for it if any of you store owners are interested. The full color leaflet was a lot of fun to design and I think it conveys the love and pleasure that I get from sharing my gifts with the world.

I've enjoyed working with Marty Jacobus on the Adoptive Family Kit. As with all kits, any essence is possible to purchase without needing to buy the whole kit. The "Loved and Welcomed" essence is already becoming popular for those who did not get the welcome, nurturing and safety that they deserved in this lifetime. The "Sweet Sleep" essence from the same kit is for children or adults with night terrors. Many of the other essences are essences that I've produced for a while already but were selected for the particular issues that adoptive families face.

My teaching schedule is something I often leave for the last moment. I'm the type of person who likes to decide what to do when I wake up each morning so to plan a workshop weeks in advance is not my natural style. It's more often that workshops are scheduled because of demand being expressed. I do know I'll be holding a wonderful 1 day workshop for practitioners of any healing modalities. This class is geared for those who are already seeing patients and wish to add flower essences to their practice or deepen their knowledge of using essences in their practice.

Please let me know if you have a particular wish for a class and I'll let you know when it's scheduled. Please also know that I am available by phone to answer questions about the essences. I very much enjoy my contact with the people who use my essences and believe in being accessible for questions.

I also offer consultations by phone or in person. These typically last 1 - 1 1/2 hours. My sliding fee scale is $65-110 and includes the dosage bottle that I formulate for you and the postage for me to ship it to you. These are scheduled in advance by at least a few days.


Kathrin Woodlyn Bateman