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Combinations Essences

All of our stock (concentrate) Flower Essences are preserved in brandy and sold in 1/2 ounce (15 ml) Miron violet glass bottles.

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Flowers12 Purchase 12-19 Flower Essences for $12.00 each
Flowers20 Purchase 20 +  Flower Essences for $10.50 each

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  • Thriving
    $13.00 Thriving
    Thriving -  This essence is wonderful for anyone and healers will especially appreciate it. It stops energy theft, supports our strength and helps us “hold” our balance during times of depletion. Helps to...

  • Trauma Relief
    $13.00 Trauma Relief
    TRAUMA RELIEF for pre- or post-birth trauma. To heal wounds from current or past lifetimes. If trauma is suspected or known, this essence combination may be used for 28 days, or longer if needed. (St. Johns Wort, Borage,...

  • Trauma-Ease
    $13.00 Trauma-Ease
    Trauma-Ease Take after a harrowing experience or for a chronic condition such as disease or long term physical trauma. This helps to stabilize you on all levels and maintain the connection between soul and body that can be...

  • Vision Quest
    $13.00 Vision Quest
    Vision Quest -  To aid in the reception of vision guidance and to help align with the earth’s energy...of particular use for individuals planning a vision quest or wilderness solo. Will also help you translate the...

  • Vital Balance
    $13.00 Vital Balance
    Vital Balance This combination works on a lot of levels, nurturing and protecting your auric shield, bringing clarity and sharpness to the soul’s vibration, fostering the connection between oneself and the vital earth...

  • Warm Embrace
    $13.00 Warm Embrace
    Warm Embrace Spray Relax into the arms of the Divine. The perfect antidote to feeling overwhelmed, lost, alone or shattered. Use when you are weary from a long healing journey, a stressful day, after difficult...

  • Worthiness
    $13.00 Worthiness
    Worthiness -  This is an essence from the Inner Child Kit that encourages healthy self esteem, balance, and a sense of one’s worth. Usually an issue with deep roots in the childhood this essence is for both...

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