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....your catalog reached me at the perfect time. I have never felt such love and purity from any catalog or flower essence practitioner. I wholly trust your loving hands to make healing essences.

Z.H., MA

Some of my closest friends have been dealing with grief situation and your combination was very welcome. I know I have felt it's gentle, soothing effects in my own personal use. After processing a round of strong emotions and thoughts it was exactly the oasis I needed to integrate and restore again. It brought in much needed perspective and peace.

J.F., Canada

Thank you so much for sharing your God given gifts with the rest of humanity. It's a blessing, a grace of God and sincerely appreciated.

M.S., VT

I just had to write and thank you! Your flower essences are marvelous! I have been using flower essences for over 10 years now and nothing seemed to help my depression. Now, I follow doctors orders and take medication. It helped but it wasn't enough. I recently saw your essences and thought I'd try Red Hollyhock for depression. In just two doses I felt a difference! I just wanted to let you know how much your product means to me and I will continue to use your essences with much hope and happiness. Thank you

T.C., FL

The essences I ordered in November have had a wonderful healing effect - powerful changes in my heart vibration - looking forward to seeing what happens with these. My thanks,

D.L., FL

Someone introduced me to your Trauma Kit recently when my son was undergoing surgery. Prior to using the Kit I was "out of balance" - unable to sleep, eat, etc., exceptionally impatient, emotionally overwrought. Within two days of using the "Pre-Trauma" remedy, I felt more centered. Even my 8 year old daughter commented that I seemed much calmer. I felt that I could handle whatever happened.

M.R., VA

....I also wanted to send some first impressions. In general, one can sense your personality though them. Some adjectives that would define the repertory would be: integrity, gentle but strong, deep, thoughtful with an old world quality (subtle, unfolding to disclose depth and range and therefore highly effective). Here are some preliminary notes...Exaltation of Flowers...I am very excited about this formula. Extremely strong, works on a variety of levels...targeting individual areas while working progressively. SO many things were happening that it was almost hard to keep up...like a magical mystery tour. Strong impact on the physical body, especially first on the neural receptors of the brain which are related to the meridians, Thymus and left/right imbalances in the body. Impacts on the entire etheric field. Tendency to act as a catalyst for strong releasings. Middle third eye located in the middle of the brow strongly activated. Sensitivity to colors in the aura enhanced (bright, saturated color intensity) This elixir moves everywhere in the physical and subtle energy bodies. Amazing range combined with a high level of potency. You may have found the formula for everyman in this mixture...very exciting. (these notes are from tuning in once) ......

S. W. (medical empath), DC

I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with your essences. They're wonderful! They were a treat to receive, so beautifully packaged, and labeled. But most importantly I'm finding them to be very, very alive and active vibrationally, not like any I have known. The imprint of each essence is very clear, and potent. This makes it easy and fun for my work: I pick everything energetically, and the essences are so distinct that resonance or neutrality (for clients being tested) is obvious. I like the combinations too. They are new for me, and are popping up for my clients just like the singles, and often the singles are not chosen by themselves.

S.F., MI

I love your essences; their energies are soft and penetrating. They are working strongly and directly on the heart chakra, and through them, I feel your love for the plant kingdom and for humanity.

ZP.D., France

I took Exaltation of Flowers and felt a sense of joy and exhilaration, bubbling up." . . .a quick shower of cleansing tears, washing away old hurts and tightness ." . .I found myself spontaneously bursting into song," . . . My son awoke singing and dancing, instead of crying as usual. ' .. .I felt all my chakras opening and spinning, especially the crown chakra." Flower essences unlocked my self-love . I had felt constrained and pressured, and the effect of "Exaltation" was a sensation of rebirth and the awakening of latent self-love. I'm feeling calmer and more hopeful, and actively seeking more balanced and rewarding experiences.

N.C., MA, US

So glad you're here doing this work. Peace,

Deborah (midwife and mother)

Fox Mountain flower essence embody the gentleness and brightness of their creator. They are the perfect remedy for sensitive individuals.

B.K., Reiki Master and Shamanic practitioner WA, US

I got your box this a.m. and immediately needed to hold ALL 5 remedies to my belly button. Thank you. I could sense energy flowing to the brow chakra! Thank you for being who you are.

Agape, GJ - MI, US (healer)

Fox Mountain essences are the purest essences I have yet encountered in my 21 years as a therapist/healer. They capture the quintessential vibration of each flower providing greater efficacy in energy transformation. I have joyfully and gratefully integrated Fox Mountain essences into my clinical practice and have found that my clients experience greater energetic transformation spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. The essences facilitate the exploration, growth and healing that is so desired. Thank you so much Kathrin, for offering essences that have such a high fine vibration. It's clear that you have the blessings of the Angels.

Dr. A.W. MA, US

First, I want to thank you for the time you spent with me on the telephone. I value that conversation very much. I received the "Loved and Welcomed" essence and used it a number of times. I found it to be very potent. What I noticed the most was that new thoughts appeared unexpectedly. For the first time, if ever so briefly, I had a flash of how much my Mother loved me when I was first born. I have never had that awareness. I always imagined that my birth made everyone's life so difficult that it must have overshadowed the joy.


Thank you for your wonderful healing remedies. I look forward to receiving this new order. MANY blessings to you!!!! You are so appreciated. With Affection


My name is Lizzie and I came to your wonderful workshop in Milland Liphook (England). I I am writing to say what an honour it is for me to be working with your essences. I have great respect for them and the more I work with them the more my respect and understanding for them grows. I have been slowly getting to know your essences over a period of about a year and I now have the Rose Collection, Lilac, Goddess, nearly all of your combination essences and pretty much all of your individual essences.I have been working with your essences to help a co-worker get through a bad patch in her life. I have had fantastic results. Before we started she had not slept properly for 3 months and found it very hard to eat. Within 3 days of working with your essences she was a very different person. I know she has spoken with you about how your essences turned her around. Your essences are an important part of the work that I do. I have worked as a flower essence practitioner for the last seven years and my passion for the flowers keeps on growing! I have a sense that my work with your essences is going to grow and grow.With much love and light

Lizzie England

I had a cyst over my heart and on the knuckle of my 4rth finger (which relates to grief). I tested for Self Heal essence and took it internally and put a drop three times a day on each cyst. In 2 days the cyst on the knuckle disappeared and in 7 days the bigger one burst and healed. I had them for weeks but with Self Heal they went right away.


The flower essences arrived but a short time ago and already I have taken the first dose. The packaging was lovely and very thoughtful. I truly believe that a higher divine power is involved in all of this. Once more, I am most grateful for your words of comfort and wisdom at a time when it was, indeed - most needed and very much appreciated! Many blessings will come your way for God's immutable law of reciprocity always returns to us - a hundredfold - that which we so generously give to others.


I muscle tested for my dosage bottle for at least one more lunar cycle. The internal calmness that this blend provides for me sometimes makes me want to cry.....I guess that sounds kind of contradictory.....but the essences remind me not to hate myself and let others hate me.....the warm feelings of love and endurance say, "Lisa, you are special, loveable and part of the Goddess," that makes me cry gentle tears of relief and joy. Thank you Kathrin for all of your love and healing. I wish you light, love and happiness. Blessed Be!

Lisa, NC, US

Just a note of affirmation on the great subtlety of the flower essences. The work "clarity" does come to mind. I find myself embracing transformation and behind me I sense the gentle but deep support of the flowers. Change is a series of possibilities; first in my imagination and then in my reality.


First I want to let you know how much I appreciate the purity, beauty, joy and clarity of your essences. I have been able to use several individual and combination essences for my own growth and healing, and for many others that I see for Reiki and massage....I have also used your essences for my companion animals and the companion animals of friends. They are a healing and blessings. Thank you!


Some notes from my Brazilian distributor:

My representative in one region told me about the success he is having with "Vital Balance" in making people immune to disease. He also told me about "Pre-Trauma": He gave it in three cases of premenstrual tension and it has proved to be very efficient. In big cities like where I live "Red Hollyhock" is a fundamental essence. People become much less stressed with this essence. All that tension is dissolved and the sense of humor and sensation of lightness and well being people feel. Every time I give this essence to someone I hear good returns. ....

N.P.G ., Brazil