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Valentine's Day Specials


Sharing the Love ~ 15% off all Valentine Day's Products 
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  • Love and Romance
    $13.00 Love and Romance
    Love & Romance This essence is for bringing love into your life and radiating it out into the world. Being love, being loving and being loved.  The heart energy is the harmonizer of all other chakras and energies...

  • Heart's Desire Trio
    $39.00 Heart's Desire Trio
    Heart's Desire Trio ❤  Allow Flower Essences to open your heart. Receive the love you want.  This is a boxed kit of three flower essences that support you in opening your heart to receive your heart’s...

  • Rose Red Climber
    $13.00 Rose Red Climber
    Rose Red Climber  Rosa  (Red) Passionate Kisses.  This flower essence works on releasing powerful pheromones in our brain as kissing does.  Kissing is not only fun, sensuous but healthy for us.  The...

  • Rose Collection
    $120.00 Rose Collection
    This is a set of twelve rose essences with these messages from the rose devas regarding their use. These are special tools for our growth and expansion. As with all our kits and collections, these essences are available...

  • Receiving Love
    $13.00 Receiving Love
    Receiving Love - This is an essence that teaches us how to let love in, to recognize love and welcome it, and to feel comfortable receiving love. Useful for many; especially those who did not get a chance in childhood...

  • Loved and Welcomed
    $13.00 Loved and Welcomed
    Loved and Welcomed -  This essence was developed first for adopted children but it became immediately clear that this is applicable to anyone who did not feel loved and welcomed by their biological family or society...