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Individual Essences

All of our stock (concentrate) Flower Essences are preserved in brandy and sold in 1/2 ounce (15 ml) Miron violet glass bottles.

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  • Rose Belle Story
    $13.00 Rose Belle Story
    Rose Belle Story I am for the assimilation of spiritual experience. I am the essence that one takes to synthesize these experiences into deep-rooted change...

  • Rose Red Climber
    $13.00 Rose Red Climber
    Rose Red Climber  Rosa  (Red) Passionate Kisses.  This flower essence works on releasing powerful pheromones in our brain as kissing does.  Kissing is not only fun, sensuous but healthy for us.  The...

  • Penstemon "Hairy"
    $13.00 Penstemon "Hairy"
    Penstemon "Hairy" Penstemon hirsutus (purple) Speaking up for what one wants.  Full body expression of one's intention: speech, actions, body language, intention.  Brings one in alignment with goals.

  • Zinnia
    $13.00 Zinnia
    Zinnia Zinnia elegans (shell pink) Learning to feel pure and simple joy, to play freely, to laugh, to lighten up. For those overly grim and those have forgotten that joy and fun are ageless and a priority in our...

  • Yellow Sweet Clover
    $13.00 Yellow Sweet Clover
    Yellow Sweet Clover Melilotus officinalis (yellow) Golden thoughts, golden light, being able to create magnificence. Magic wand, magical dreaming, manifestation of one's treasures. Manifest, create grandly. Ask big and...

  • Yellow Hawkweed
    $13.00 Yellow Hawkweed
    Yellow Hawkweed Hieracium florentinum (yellow) Helps ones to access higher thinking and creative problem solving. Allows vital information to come in organized sequential form. All information is available to us and through...

  • Yarrow (Red)
    $13.00 Yarrow (Red)
    Yarrow - Red Achillea millefolium x (red) Energy booster. When feeling lethargic will boost energy and blood circulation. Better than a cup of espresso! (research)

  • Yarrow "Paprika"
    $13.00 Yarrow "Paprika"
    Yarrow "Paprika" Achillea millefolium "Paprika" (dusky peach) Fear, Change, Opening, TransitionFor protection, 1st chakra and healing blood imbalances or imbalances of red ray; for example anemia, blood clotting and also...

  • Yarrow  (Rosy Sandstone)
    $13.00 Yarrow (Rosy Sandstone)
    Yarrow - Rosy Sandstone Achillea millefolium x(rosy sandstone yellow) Brings heartfelt resiliance to those going though grieving process. Supplies softness to help support heart energy from drying up and hardening...

  • Yarrow
    $13.00 Yarrow
    Yarrow Achillea millefolium (white) Harmonious Expression : Healthy boundaries protecting one from negative energies and emotions in your environment. Inharmonious Expression : Auric energy shield...

  • Wormwood
    $13.00 Wormwood
    Wormwood Artemesia absinthium (yellow) Useful for vision quest, shaman¹s tool, helps one to move to the "next" level (their next level), helpful when one is "stuck", useful for initiates (with St. John¹s...

  • Woodland Phlox
    $13.00 Woodland Phlox
    Woodland Phlox Phlox divaricata (lavender/blue) Fairy flower. Joy and glee!. Playfulness and glee for children and inner child. Uplifting, sound, vocal, singing. Restores of purity and innocence. Good for jaded...

  • Wood Betony
    $13.00 Wood Betony
    Wood Betony Stachys officinalis (rosy purple) Sexuality, Sensuality. Allows one to feel and be felt on all levels. Giving and receiving. The importance of dual energies to create inspired action. Use for unbalanced interest...

  • Winged Everlasting
    $13.00 Winged Everlasting
    Winged Everlasting Ammobium alatum (white/yellow center) The brighter we shine, the lighter we get and everything around us feels lighter and moves elegantly with the energies around us. Great for bringing those who are...

  • Wild Ginger
    $13.00 Wild Ginger
    Wild Ginger Asarum canadense (maroon) Self Esteem, Natural World, Centeredness, Grounded-ness, Serenity. The great relationship attractor or repeller. In right use, this flower essence attracts healthy relationships into...

  • Wild Evening Primrose
    $13.00 Wild Evening Primrose
    Wild Evening Primrose Oenethera biennis(yellow) Releases sorrow from "not feeling good enough", issues of worthiness and rejection. Useful for early childhood traumas - especially infant or enutero or a hard traumatic birth.

  • Wild Black Cohosh
    $13.00 Wild Black Cohosh
    Wild Black Cohosh Cimicifuga racemosa (white) Dark emotions, someone who draws others to them to overpower them. Manipulation, disguise. Sweet talker. Energy drainer. Parasite. Hidden agendas. Lack of self identity. Abuser...

  • White Swamp Honeysuckle
    $13.00 White Swamp Honeysuckle
    White Swamp Honeysuckle Azalea viscose (white) Tiny strands of healing light that are constantly threading together our connection to source. There is an elasticity to these threads so no matter how far we stretch from...

  • White Mullein
    $13.00 White Mullein
    White Mullein Verbascum chiaxii album (white ) Honor, Truth, Choices, Impeccability, Spiritual Harmonious Expression: Being impeccable in all aspects of one’s life. Fully integrating what one has learned through...

  • White Lily
    $13.00 White Lily
    White Lily Lillium longiflorum (white) For those who resonate with the Fem Fatal, the one who cannot bear to hear bad new, those who feel like fainting when hearing any bad news, the delicate flower who isn't strong enough...

  • White Foxglove
    $13.00 White Foxglove
    White Foxglove Digitalis purpurea alba (white with maroon spots) Grief, Heart, Terror, Loss Use for grieving and terror that strikes in the heart. Harmonious Expression: Feeling whole and safe. Inharmonious...

  • White Campion
    $13.00 White Campion
    White Campion Silene latifolia ssp. alba (white) Rightousness, supremacy, distorted by anger and blocked emotions. Can be ancestral or acquired from one's tribe. Splitting hairs to justify one's "platform". Great for those...

  • White Bleeding Heart
    $13.00 White Bleeding Heart
    White Bleeding Heart Dicentra spectabilis alba (white) Love, Heart, Pain, Tears, Throat, Grief Harmonious Expression: Feeling fully loved by the Universe. Fully aware of the limitless love available in the...

  • Waterlily
    $13.00 Waterlily
    Waterlily Nymphaea “Fabiola”(pink) Fear, Change, Opening, Transition. Imagine what is would be like to elegantly watch your life unfold and develop vs. bringing forced to open and pressured to develop too quickly...

  • Water Hyacinth
    $13.00 Water Hyacinth
    Water Hyacinth Eichornia crassipes (white) Stabilizes the emotional body and brings strength, clarity and centeredness when one is in crisis or overwhelmed. Peace and grounding...

  • Violet
    $13.00 Violet
    Violet Viola odorata (purple) I will always show myself to you in so many surprising ways. Like numerous stars in the heaven I live to lighten you up. Take during times when you need to feel reconnected to Source and others...

  • Viburnum
    $13.00 Viburnum
    Viburnum Viburnham x juddii (white flushed pink) Enhances clairaudience. Restores the nervous system and brain. Works on the upper chakras. +++ The nurturer, the provider, the shelter, the care taker. The person who makes...

  • Veronica "Crater Lake"
    $13.00 Veronica "Crater Lake"
    Veronica "Crater Lake" Veronica teucrium "Crater Lake" (blue) For those who have dried up their tears and hide their hearts - choosing to shut down rather than feel any past or future pain. In doing so, they loose...

  • Verbena
    $13.00 Verbena
    Verbena Verbena bonsariensis (purple) Lightness, even balanced energy. Symmetrical energy. Enough stability and sense about it not be get blown down or thrown off. Strong yet light. Allows emotions to pass through without...

  • Valerian
    $13.00 Valerian
    Valerian Valeriana officinalis (white, shaded pink) Harmonious expression::Able to be calm and relaxed, at ease with quietness, able to rest and sleep. A balanced central nervous system. Inharmonious Expression: :Tense,...

  • Tulip "Ballade"
    $13.00 Tulip "Ballade"
    Tulip "Ballade" Tulipa "Ballade (purple/white) Creates opening for energy to pour in without any constrictions. Encourages the energy to be more expansive allowing energy to flow freely. Brings the state of "allowing" to...

  • Tulip  (White)
    $13.00 Tulip (White)
    Tulip - white Tulipa - white (white) I have all I need within myself. The Holy Grail is within each of us. It is the connection to Source and our highest Being. See yourself bathed in it's enegies and know you have...

  • Trout Lily
    $13.00 Trout Lily
    Trout Lily Erythronium americanum (yellow) To get closer perspectives on issues and challenges with a detailed eye for positive transformation. Seeing the problem while simultaneously seeing the solution. Ability to make...

  • Trillium
    $13.00 Trillium
    Trillium Trillium erectum (maroon) Brings creative endeavors into manifestation. Great for artist or anyone wanting to be more creative. Very specifically - this essences brings the creative work into physical...

  • Tree Peony
    $13.00 Tree Peony
    Tree Peony Paeonia suffruticosa  (light pink) Harmonious Expression: Feeling fully loved by the divine teacher within; feeling complete. Feeling safe to be fully in one’s physical body.  Inharmonious Expression:...

  • Tomato
    $13.00 Tomato
    Tomato Lycopersicon lycopersicon (yellow) Harmonious Expression: Easy flow of energy in the body; physical, emotioinal and mental. Inharmonious Expression: Feeling stagnation and the need for cleans¬ing. Feeling blocked in...

  • Tiger Lily  (Yellow)
    $13.00 Tiger Lily (Yellow)
    Tiger Lily - Yellow Lillium tigrinum (yellow) I know, but do not fully understand. Brings true wisdom and understanding to information we've been given or seek. This essence helps us to connect the dots and truly...

  • Tiger Lily (Pink)
    $13.00 Tiger Lily (Pink)
    Tiger Lily - Pink Lillium tigrinum (pink) This essences personifies infinite welcoming in our lives. Here we experience the threshold of walking into a space filled with welcoming smiles, arms and greetings. Great...

  • Tiger Lily  (Orange)
    $13.00 Tiger Lily (Orange)
    Tiger Lily - Orange Lilium humboldtii (orange/black spots) I am perfection because of my flaws. My flaws I am confident and proud. I am the King of the Lilies because I am the boldest and loudest. I want to be...

  • Thyme
    $13.00 Thyme
    Thyme Thymus citriodorus argentea (lavender) Thyme helps to heighten our senses to be more receptive to the information that that surrounds us and could improve our choices and responses to life. Over times these higher...

  • Thistle (Blessed)
    $13.00 Thistle (Blessed)
    Thistle, Blessed Cnicus benedictus (purple) Giving and receiving with a sense of generosity and expansion. When one is well nurtured and cared for all levels run and operate in harmony. When there is a lack of...

  • Thistle
    $13.00 Thistle
    Thistle Cirsium vulgare (purple) For those with highly sensitive spiritual talents and feel they must be very guarded about their talents. This spills over into their life. Don't get too close to me - danger - warning - stay...

  • Tansy
    $13.00 Tansy
    Tansy Tanacetum vulgare (yellow) Too much information!  For those who share too much information, need too much information.  By doing so,  they slow down the decision process and stop the flow of...

  • Tamarisk
    $13.00 Tamarisk
    Tamarisk Tamarix ramosissima (pink) This essence is for those who take things too personally, don't feel protected or supported and feel they are in survival much the time. When we get past those limiting emotions and...

  • Sweet Pea
    $13.00 Sweet Pea
    Sweet Pea Lathyrus odorata (mixed colors of pink and purple) Harmonious Expression: Feeling cradled in the Universe. Feeling a sense of community. Feeling easy connection to toher people, spirit and...

  • Sweet Clover
    $13.00 Sweet Clover
    Sweet Clover Melilotus officinalis (yellow) Golden thoughts, golden light, being able to create magnificence. Magic wand, magical dreaming, manifestation of one's treasures. Manifest, create grandly. Ask big and receive big...

  • Swamp Honeysuckle
    $13.00 Swamp Honeysuckle
    Swamp Honeysuckle Azalea viscosa rosea (pink) The Sweet Day essence. “I enjoy the journeys of my emotions.” The downs make me appreciate the highs. When I experience a lower feeling and move to a higher feeling I...

  • Sunflower
    $13.00 Sunflower
    Sunflower Helianthemum annuus (yellow/brown center) Harmonious Expression: Balanced and healthy sense of self and personal power. Comfort with being one’s self in the world. Inharmonious...

  • Squash  (Summer)
    $13.00 Squash (Summer)
    Summer Squash - Summer Cucurbita sp. (yellow) Gender identity and acknowledging our dual sexuality with reverence. Use when feeling extreme emotions such as over weakness or coming on to strong. Use in sexual abuse cases and...

  • Strawberry
    $13.00 Strawberry
    Strawberry Fragaria Ananassa ((white) Mid-life Puberty, nibbles - ripeness of one's virility. Acne. Embracing and re-embracing one's ripeness in life. Good for those past menopause, not feeling fruitful. Brings pure ripe joy...